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Located in the heart of Glendale, Baile Divino Dance Studio specializes in all Ballroom, Latin & Social Nightclub Dances.
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Baile Divino

About Baile Divino

Joel brings experiences from both independent and franchised studios, allowing students to comfortably digest and execute an array of ballroom techniques.

Samba (Week 5 of 6)

In this class, we added:-Whisk-Rolling Box-Back Spot Turn to PP-Reverse Turn (x2)

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AB 201 (Week 5 of 6)

In this class, we taught the Sweetheart in Rumba, Cha-Cha and Swing.

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Salsa 2 (Week 5 of 6)

Today we added:-Salsa Point-Dip

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AB 101 (Week 5 of 6)

Waltz: -Closed TwinklesFox Trot: -Promenade Underarm TurnTango: -Tango Rocks

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Country Western Dance Party

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AB 301 (Week 4 of 6)

Tango:-Curved Basic-Viennese Cross (under rotated)-Challenge Line-Oversway-Rondae-Lasso-Forward, side, Hold-Curls

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Salsa (Week 4 of 6)

We reviewed all patterns and added: -Arm Check / Shouler Turn

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AB 101 (Week 4 of 6)

In this class, we reviewed all patterns and added:Waltz: -Straight Box -Rotating Boxes -Progressives / Change Steps -Slow Underarm Turn

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AB 301 (Week 3 of 6)

Tango:-Curving Basic -Viennese Cross (under rotated)-Challenge Line-Oversway-Rondae-Man 1/4 spiral / Lady steps behind him (QQ)-Forward, Side, Hold in Closed Frame.

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Samba (Week 3 of 6)

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