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Located in the heart of Glendale, Baile Divino Dance Studio specializes in all Ballroom, Latin & Social Nightclub Dances.
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About Baile Divino

Joel brings experiences from both independent and franchised studios, allowing students to comfortably digest and execute an array of ballroom techniques.

Valentine’s Day Party

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January Dance Party

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November Dance Party

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Winter Drop-In Classes

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Salsa: Week 2 of 6

Underarm TurnsSombreroCrossbody
Break & Back Spot Turn/360Crossbody
By SidePrep
to Outside Free SpinBasic
/ Man’s stationary turnBasic
(pick her up)Cross
Body Lead toBack
Drop and Underarm TurnCrossbody
Lead with Double Face Loop

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AB 301: Week 2 of 6

-Link to Promenade Position
-Promenad w/ syncopated Inside Turn to Side By Side
-Change of Places x2.
-Fan to close.

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West Coast Swing: Week 2 of 6

• Starter Step: Bk Rk, triple, triple, Opening out and throwout • Sugar Push • Whip with Inside Turn • Double Sugar Push • Underarm Turn with Leader’s Loop to R Side Pass w/ Inside Turn

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AB 101 (Week 2 of 6)

In this class, we learned the basic in:

Fox Trot (Promenade Walk)

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AB 201 (Week 2 of 6)

-Basic to
-Crossbody Lead
-Crossbody Lead to
-Shadow Turns

-Rotating Basic
-Underarm Turn Right & Left to Handshake
-Tuck In/American Spin

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AB 301: Week 1 of 6

Tango:-Link to PP-Promenade to -Inside Syncopated Turn to Side by SideWaltz:-Open Left Box w/ Inside Turn-Twinkle ConnectionFox Trot:-Twinkle to PP-Open Right Turn-Grapevine-Open Impetus

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