**You must register by the 2nd class**
**You may drop-in on Week 1 and/or 2 for $12**

AB 101 ($85) – Waltz, Tango, Fox, Trot, Swing, Salsa

This is the perfect class for the dance enthusiast with 2 left feet.
This class will focus on laying the groundwork for the 5 social dances. Including posture, embrace, patterns, timing, footwork, and general dance etiquette. You’ll be dancing in no time!
This is a 90-minute class.

AB 201 ($60)- Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing

Full Bronze Level.
The class is designed to teach you patterns from the entire Bronze Syllabus to use on a social dance floor.
You do not need a dance partner!
We rotate throughout the class.

West Coast Swing ($60)

Moving past the basic patterns, we begin to introduce intermediate to advanced patterns, fancy footwork, and freestyle dancing.

AB 301 ($60) – BALLROOM / SMOOTH

Waltz, Tango & Fox Trot (Silver Level)
This class is geared towards the more experienced dancer. We will concentrate on leading, following, and styling. You must get permission from the teacher to sign up for this class.

SALSA – LEVEL 2 ($60)

Become a Salsero(a).
Moving past the basics, we discover new ways of turning, rotating and maneuvering through even the most intricate patterns.
Our Salsa Classes help you pick up new dance steps, styles, or just gives you a place to perfect what you already know. You do not need a dance partner! We rotate throughout.