Sandy Hotchkiss

My Husband and I began ballroom dancing in our 60s. Joel was our first instructor, and his kindness and patience inspired us to keep going. As we became more comfortable and confident on the dance floor, Joel guided us into ever more exciting movements and encouraged us to perform. We may not be able to be kids again, but we’re having just as much fun!


Elisse Blinder

Joel is the best dance teacher I have ever taken private and couple lessons from. He makes it fun and easy to learn, and accommodates to our needs while encouraging performance.  Joel is a deeply caring individual, whose soul and spirit come through in all he does. I can’t say enough good things about him; I highly recommend Joel.


Bob Cipriano

Ballroom remained a real challenge for me until I started lessons with Joel.  He customized his to my learning process working around my physical limitations, where now dancing is comfortable for me, regardless of the movement involved. But most of all, his infectious smile, warm encouragement and love of the dance, make dancing a joy and fun again.


Fran Kudla

Joel was more than we ever hoped for. He is a wonderfully skilled dancer and his joy of dance is inspiring and contagious. He’s a gifted teacher – explaining things one way for my husband, the Math guy, and another way for me, not so much a Math girl.  He is our teacher, he is our friend.
I have grown so much with Joel’s patient and encouraging guidance.   He is friendly, funny and a genuinely warm and wonderful guy.  Dancing gives me so much joy and Joel is my dancing Muse. I hope to have him as my teacher until I am too old to strap on my dance shoes!!


Vanessa Hathaway

I started to ballroom dance because I was looking for a fun workout and quickly found that I got so much more, than just that aspect, out of it.  Joel is extremely talented and he just makes everyone he dances with look so good!