Eric & Lacey Tygenhof

Eric & Lacey Wedding My now wife and I started taking lessons with Joel about three months before our wedding. Neither of us has a history of dance or even a particular interest in dance, but since her parents are both ballroom dancers we knew we had to shape up before our first dance. When we walked into the studio the first time we brought with us no experience and no expectations. Just our song. And thankfully, that was all we needed.

Joel is an amazing teacher. He jumps easily back and forth between the leading and being led. He is infinitely patient, which he needed to be with us! After ten lessons we felt completely ready and at ease when the day finally came. We didn’t miss a step! I think everyone was pretty stunned when we busted out new moves. In all, we had a great time and found the whole process to be fun and challenging. The only thing we have to figure out now is when we’re going to continue our lessons!